A powerful Landing Page is a key element in a Webmarketer’s strategy because it aims to convert your users. Its performance will depend on your sales and therefore your turnover. It is therefore necessary to give it great care.

What is a Landing Page?
First, back to basics: Landing Page is a landing page on a website. It is only dedicated to a commercial offer, a product or a specific service. Its role is to push users who visit it to perform an action (purchase, like, tweet, sharing, information of an email address, etc.).

Small businesses tend to neglect the importance of Landing Pages in their online communication campaign. However, when they are well done, Landing pages strongly condition the success of a campaign and can significantly improve their return on investment.

Why does a Landing Page improve the performance of your campaign?
The Landing Page presents only one element (a particular product, an offer). This simplicity allows users to not get lost in the details of the site and quickly understand the content of the page and thus perform the desired action.

Landings Pages are often set up as part of email campaigns or banner ads.

Here is an example of Landing Page:

Website landing page

Let’s see which elements must have a Landing page to be effective!

5 tips for a successful Landing Page
Tip # 1: Choose a hard-hitting content
To increase the conversion rate, a Landing Page must be simple, concise and clear. The goal and put forward a single product or a single offer. In a few seconds the user must have understood what it is.

For example :

Hard-hitting content page

Tip # 2: Choose content that converts
Your Landing page must contain:

a short and hard-hitting title
a form with few fields to fill
a visible and engaging “call-to-action button” (for example “discover our offer”)
a detailed description of your offer
a link to your social networks
a positive customer testimonial supporting your sales pitch
Tip # 3: Optimize the SEO of your page
It is important to structure your Landing Page and optimize your SEO because it can significantly improve your visibility on predefined keywords.

For this, it must contain titles H1 – H2 – H3 organized hierarchically and which contain your strategic keywords.

Choose a modern design that loads quickly. This will greatly improve the reading comfort of users and you will avoid being penalized by Google.

Your text on the page must be at least 400 words long and have a keyword density of between 0.5% and 2%. Knowing that it is beneficial to have a natural writing and not overloaded keywords.

Write a short metadexcription that will interest your reader.

Make sure you have quality links to your page as well as outbound links pointing to your website and social networks. So you will get quality traffic.

More SEO tips for your site here! 😉

Tip # 4: Adapt your design to a mobile support
For the design of your Landing Page it is important to take into account the origin of the traffic: desktop or mobile. Faced with an increasingly widespread use of mobile, your design must be “responsive”. Increase the reading comfort of the user, it increases the performance of your page.

Adapt your design to a mobile support

Tip # 5: Test to increase your conversion rate
AB tests or “AB testing” are a good tool for measuring the performance of your Landings Page. They allow you to compare the results of two Landing pages presenting the same offer but with different content to determine which content converts best.

In short, to develop a powerful Landing Page, think of treating your content, summarize the offer and clarify your page. Set measurable goals (eg, conversion rate, number of clicks on the “call-to-action” button, etc.). And test new formulas constantly to reach your goals. For sites developed on WordPress, know that there are plugins specifically designed to create Landing Pages adapted to your template.

Feel free to share your best practices for designing a powerful Landing page in the comments 😉

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